You ran and jumped, screamed and laughed. Remember? – Michael channeled by Ron Head

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We would like to address, this morning, the issue of dissention within our dear and lovingly created community.  If there is any thought that creates or maintains separation between you, please know that it can only come from a lower vibrational source.  Even if you are convinced of the correctness of your judgment, please realize that it is a judgment, and as such, does not originate from a source of unconditional love.  We go no further with this topic, as it serves no useful purpose.

Yesterday we spoke of the inability to predict the future for you.  Did you have fun with that?  Let’s play a little more this morning, shall we?  We propose that, in fact, it is possible to predict with great accuracy all sorts of futures for you.  As a matter of fact, every future you have ever envisioned will be played out to its fullest in some time slash space.  That is what kind of powerful creators you are.

These you call potentials.  The potentiality is very real.  What is impossible for you to predict is which of the myriad forks in every road you will choose to be conscious of.  Now isn’t that fun?  Your awareness is soon to grow to the point of encompassing a great deal more than it currently does.  That is one of the ways of defining multi-dimensionality.  You will become aware of the many possible results of your decisions.  You will, in effect, be living in more than one time and more than one space in your awareness, meaning in your now.

Oh, you are in for some delightful experiences, dear ones.  Our purpose is not to confuse you, but to prepare you.  You will not be going crazy.  And it will take a short while for you to become accustomed to this way of being.  But that will not take so awfully long if you realize that it is, after all, your normal way of being when you are not in this dimension.

As you begin to have experiences that are somewhat different from what you are used to, try to find the joy and fun in them.  Be as you were as a child exploring this world when you came into it.  You ran and jumped, screamed and laughed.  Remember?  You clapped your hands and thoroughly enjoyed each new thing you saw, tasted, heard, and felt.  Return to that now, because you are entering this lifetime for the first time… again.

If anything disconcerting comes into your life, remember, we are right there with you.  Ask for our comfort and guidance and it will be instantly yours.  We are enjoying exploring these topics with you, and we hope you are, as well.

Be in peace and look at your day with new eyes.  We will speak again tomorrow.  Good day.

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