Caribbean Center for Child Development

Dr. Michelle Major, @ the Caribbean Center for Child Development, who is truly an earth angel works miracles with these precious souls ~j~ She has & still travels the world, teaching teachers her programs/work that she specializes in, on how to reach and teach these souls. In addition to her private practice, she has several schools/institutes (all w/in the Bahamian Islands). She also offers assessments for various disabilities such as ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome to name just a few.

Her passion, love, and life purpose, life work is for the children with special needs. She has a way of touching their souls, changing their lives, and provides them with life tools that they can use to function in this world. A 3 year old boy, who hadn’t spoken a word in his entire life, spoke for the 1st time just a few short months ago; after working with Dr. Michelle Major for a few months. He is now in a mainstream school, as a high functioning Asperger’s child. This is only one amongst many miracle stories of the lives of children that have been touched by Dr. Michelle Major’s healing, transforming, & life altering work!

She is due to open a private practice here in the S. FL area Sept./Oct. However, she will only be here for 2 weeks out of a month at a time, obviously her availability will be very limited. Be sure to book your private appointments month’s in advance in order to secure your child’s session for her amazing and miraculous works. (The attached photo speaks for itself, Dr. Major has mastered this philosophy).

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