From Kristiana Owens – 8/3/2012

People of all faiths are tried in their lives, questioned by others about their beliefs and convictions. They are asked, “How do you Know your faith to be correct, if your scriptures are indeed the word of God, if your religion is the Only TRUE religion.”
People of every faith will have their own rebuttals, answering in fear of being considered foolish, or strongly, with conviction will they Know their faith is Pure Truth.
So who’s right? And whoever thinks They are Right, how can they tell another upright, charitable, loving, giving soul that simply because they were born into separate families with different faiths and sacred texts that the other person, as pure of heart, is Wrong?
By what measure can we as seekers Know the One True Faith? Is there One?
I don’t believe there are words that can answer this question, nor sacred texts no matter how old or new. I believe it’s only to be answered by the Heart of every soul and how the Love that creates that Divine Light within shines forth as one looks into the eyes of any fellow human being. It cannot be answered by debate, discussion, or turmoil. It can only be answered in How we Each Love and Treat One Another ~ In short, the answer is in and As ONE ~
Namaste ♥