Empty Tank?

Empty Tank?

The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Empty Tank?

In the coming weeks, there may be times when you feel as if your tank is nearly empty.  You will sputter, jump and feel like you are running on fumes.  This, my love, is the time to stop, ground yourself and most definitely breathe!  While you are resting, ask yourself these questions:

Am I taking care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally?

Am I allowing toxic situation and people to affect who I am?

What am I currently doing that is draining rather than filling my tank?

How can I put myself back into a space to co-create and to help myself move forward?

Listening for and to the answers of these questions will put you in a better space to reassess where you are and what you need to change.  Remember….a tank is never truly empty, there is always a reserve on hand. ~ Creator

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