Event Recordings – Subject, Ron Head / Hypnotist, Suzanne Spooner

Event Recordings – Subject, Ron Head / Hypnotist, Suzanne Spooner


I am posting here a link to a YouTube playlist of recordings made by my dear friend and QHHT hypnotist, Suzanne Spooner, since 2013, on a topic we called The Event. There are five such recordings. 

Part 1 was published Nov. 7, 2013 and has had 30,776 views.

Part 2 was published Nov. 17, 2013 and has had 21,942 views.

Part 3 was published Dec. 6, 2013 and has had 14,071 views.

Part 4 was published Mar. 22, 2014 and has had 15,206 views.

Part 5 was published May 22, 2016 and has had 19,337 views.

All told these recordings have been viewed well over 101,000 times. I hope that if you have not seen these, you enjoy them. If you do, you may wish to check out the other voice recordings that we have posted on our Speaking With Self site hereThere are 22 sessions posted, each containing four to five individual recordings. The questions that were asked are listed so that you may decide whether each is of interest to you. 


Playlist:  <- Click to go to playlist of Event recordings.