It Rings True – An Excerpt

It Rings True – An Excerpt

You call us masters, guides, and angels. What are we masters of? Where do we guide you to? What are we messengers of? What other types of messages are as important?

Often you speak of the ‘veil’. What does the veil separate you from if not this knowledge? Well, the veil is becoming thinner and thinner now. In fact, it is positively tattered and torn. And the experiences we have been describing are your new glimpses of what you’ve seen on the other side of it.

One other note we would add. As you have more of these experiences, claim them as an integral part of your lives. These are your councils, your assemblies. You have a place upon them, a place which you have a right to. You exist in service to them, and please believe us, they exist in service to you, as well.

These things are our ongoing message to you and one which we shall not vary from until it is known by you as a part of your very being. You have no need any longer for believing yourselves to be less than you are. And there is a great need for you to be all that you are.


It Rings True, available HERE.