On Energy Change – From It Rings True

On Energy Change – From It Rings True

We will address the rising frequencies and intensity of energy that you are experiencing. And we will do so, although this is a topic that is frequently spoken and written of. We will approach it from a slightly different perspective, one of our favorite words, to give you a larger picture.

Consider, firstly, that you are rising above the plane of the galactic equator for the first time in a very long time. This is putting you in a very different energy than you have been in for about twenty-six thousands of your spirals about your star. As you move further and further above this equator, your frequencies will change more and more.

Secondly, you have plunged into a belt of photonic light which is increasing moment by moment as you pass deeper into it.

And then there is the subjective to think about; your own change. Each of you is in the experience of change that is being facilitated by these cosmic changes. Are the cosmic changes causing your changes, or are your changes reflected in your environment? It is an organic thing, you see, a chicken and egg sort of thing. The question only can be asked if one assumes that you and the cosmos are two separate things, and that is not the case.

The voice that speaks to you, and the you that hears the voice, are not separate.

Now, back to energy. It is experienced by most of you as intensifying. And it is the case that as each of you progress, and as your Self reaches out for more light, it is now available. Some of you feel it physically, some do not. Some hear it, some do not. Some see changes in the light, some do not. And that is because each of you is unique. Each if you are building a structure, a life, which is in a unique state and serves a unique purpose. You each serve the ALL in your own special ways. Some are solidifying the basement. Some are laying stones several courses up from the ground, and a few are re-finishing the attic.

Please refrain from comparing one to the other. That is dualistic judgment. Just understand that all are working together for the benefit of all. You are not more than, nor less than, the other. And neither is anyone else. Simply take joy in, and give thanks for, the progress you are making. Help each other when asked. Love each other always.


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