Blossom Goodchild – November 18, 2016

Blossom Goodchild – November 18, 2016 Hello my friends. I’m feeling your Energy very strongly right now. So many would like you to talk about the US election results … are you up for that? We are with you strongly indeed, as we always are. Although, it cannot always be felt as though we are. […]

The Federation or Light via Blossom Goodchild: May 16, 2014

The Federation of Light as channeled by Blossom Goodchild,  May 16, 2014 – Blossom: HELLO! Long time no speaky! I’ve missed these sessions. So, let’s get going straight away with a question. Our Croatian translator sent me in a rather intriguing photo that he had taken. When he ‘snapped it’ he was merely taking […]

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: November 5, 2013

Anthony: This message is full of awe-inspiring information and has me on the edge of my seat with excitement and expectation! The Federation of Light channeled by Blossom Goodchild: November 5, 2013 – Blossom: Ok. Here we go again! Hello! Your last communication brought some mixed FEELINGS into my inbox. Some were delighted with […]