A Class In Re-Creation

My new channeled livestream series will begin this Wednesday night (Nov 18) at 8 pm ET and will run on 5 consecutive Wednesday nights. These sessions include a live channeled lecture and interactive Q&A. Recordings are provided at no additional cost. I hope you’ll join me.     PAUL SELIG: A CLASS IN RE-CREATION – […]

a little thing to know

Here’s A Little Thing To Know

Here’s a little thing to know: When you operate from your own Divine Self, the relationships that you create will be in congruence with it. Every relationship i…n your life right now, without exception, is in congruence with your vibration, with your frequency and the constructs that you have created that are now being out-pictured. […]

Today’s Word

Now as we teach you, we support you each individually as you attend to our teachings. And some of you get angry that you are not being met where you think you should be. But we will promise you this: We will always meet you where you are. But in order for this to be […]