Who Are You? Who Are We? – From It Rings True

Who Are You? Who Are We?   As promised, we will speak of why these messages, meaning those we send through this channel, as well as others, resonate with you and where they are meant to take you. Now, if we were to ask each of you why these messages resonate with you, as you […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This has been a very eventful year for all of us. Next year promises to be the same or even more so. I wish for a Merry Christmas for all who celebrate that holiday. If you observe a different holiday at this time, I hope this is one of the best you’ve had. […]

the council

The Council – What Am I Doing Here?

The Council – What Am I Doing Here? What am I doing here? What should I be doing? Would it surprise you to know that these are the most frequently asked questions of us when people consult those whom they hope can help connect them with us? Would it surprise you that these questions are […]

Deepest Gratitude

Deepest Gratitude I am overwhelmed by the support you have shown since my request posted. I see names of people whom I know personally, and I can’t imagine how to thank you enough. I see names of those who have ‘liked’ and shared The Council’s messages for years, and I am so very grateful. And […]

Asking for Your Help

Asking for Your Help   Hello, my friends. The time has come when I must overcome my aversion to asking for your monetary support. This site has a few expenses attached to it, hosting, back-up, etc. I just received the annual tab for most of it, and I’m afraid I need to ask for your […]


Steering   A reader has asked me a question about steering tropical weather systems. Now, most would say this is not a serious question. But I can tell you that I know many people who use their meditations to do just such things. I have done so for many years. I lived most of my […]

the council

The Council – Synchronicity

The Council – Synchronicity Today we are going to discuss a topic that, for many of you, will be what you call ‘old hat’. Please read it with the understanding that there are many more newly awakening ones among you than there are ‘advanced’ ones. And we ask that the word advanced be put in […]

The Council – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

The Council –   Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? We have spoken more than a few times explaining who we are. Some prefer to have names attached to this sort of message. We understand that. But you have been reading our messages for a few years now as being from The Council. Why is […]

It’s Perfect!

It’s Perfect! I have never posted much that is personal, much less a dream. But I woke up this morning with one that I feel applies to us as much as it does to me. Interpret it any way that you choose. First, there is a long processing line extending from left to right. At […]

Report on site crash.

Report on site crash.   Earlier today a faulty update crashed this site. The site is built upon the Quest Plus theme by Pace Themes. I want to publicly thank Ravi of Pace Themes for the quickest response possible and for doing everything he had to in order to restore the site, even though much […]

Reset your bookmarks.

Reset your bookmarks. Almost a year ago I decided to move to a paid site in order to consolidate everything into one spot. The old site was www dot wordpress dot oraclesandhealers dot com. Many of you had that bookmarked, and so I paid to have that address directly forwarded to my new site, which […]

i see

I See

The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner I See When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  You may see your imperfections; wrinkles, a bit of extra weight or, perhaps an unhappy or unsatisfied person. What do I see? I see a lifetime of experiences! I see someone who has had […]

heart talks radio

Links to Heart Talks TV Show – Today!

Links to Heart Talks TV Show Today – February 11th Sheila Jean Burgher 5:00 PST 7:00 Central 8:00 Eastern time You can watch LIVE and watch archives here: http://www.sheilajeanburgher.org/ You can listen and chat here during the show http://newearth.caster.fm/ Or you can fb message me during show to ask questions And of course if will […]


Evolutionary Ascension Symptoms

Evolutionary Ascension Symptoms Information for People New to this Process | TRANSITIONS I see daily search terms on my WordPress Stats page that people use to find information that leads them to sites like mine. I’ve written about the Ascension Process—which is natural, highly compressed evolution—at TRANSITIONS since 2007. I realize however that if someone is […]

your ideal year

Your Ideal Year

Make 2016 Your Ideal Year Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner Do you desire more peace in your life? Are you ready to change the things you can’t seem to change? Do you need help with your relationship? Are you perpetuating self-sabotage and/or destructive patterns? Do you need some guidance in choosing the most productive path for […]


Amended Dates

We have amended dates for the ThetaHealing class in Ashland. Come and get certified in this amazing practice. I will be assisting Jennifer and this promises to be a wonderful, life-changing week end. To respond for more information, or to reserve your spot for the class, fill out the form below.


January Reading Special

January Reading Special Your response to last month’s special was wonderful! Thank you. Let’s begin 2016 with another. Normally a one question reading is $25. Starting today, and through January, let’s do one question for $20.16. Two steps to a reading. One, fill out the form below which will email your questions to me. Second, when I reply, […]

live with passion

Live With Passion – The Creator Writings

Live With Passion – The Creator Writings by Jennifer Farley Experience each thought, take each breath, live each moment, love fully and with passion. Your existence on this Earth plane without passion is no existence at all. ~ Creator Link to original

holiday season

Year-end Special

Year-end Special For the remainder of the year, I am reducing the cost of channeled readings. Normally a four question reading is $45 and a one question reading is $25. Starting today, and through New Year, I’ll do a BOGO, $24 gets one question and another free. And an additional $12, or $36 total, will […]

Let’s Get This Multi-Dimensional Party Started! Free TAUK Class Link for December 12 & 13, 2015

Let’s Get This Multi-Dimensional Party Started! Free TAUK Class Link for December 12 & 13, 2015 Suzanne Spooner   Hi Everyone! If you are ready to sign up for the free TAUK class, read the info below, the link to the class is at the end. Once you are signed up for the class, you can […]

The Council

There is a Great Deal of Talk ~ The Council

There is a Great Deal of Talk The Council There is a great deal of talk in your media about religion vs. religion, nation vs. nation, and race vs. race. Unfortunately, in order for you to define who you are, it is necessary at some point for you to see what you are not, or […]

Learn How to Channel with the TAUK Method for FREE!

Learn How to Channel with the TAUK Method for FREE! by Suzanne Spooner Hi Everyone! My gift to you this holiday season is the opportunity to learn TAUK for free! When I first created TAUK in 2008,  I thought it was only for connecting with loved ones who had passed over. Quickly though amazing connections were […]