cropped mePersonalized channelings  


I will do personalized channelings in answer to questions that you have e-mailed to me.  They will be answered in writing and kept absolutely private.  The sources may include your higher self, your guides, angels, and the Creator, as deemed appropriate by spirit or requested by you.  You will be given the source or sources of the answers.

Please understand that requests may help clarify your choices, but spirit will not make your choices for you. If you ask for predictions of your future, spirit may discuss the likelihood that things may well change in the next instant. You do change the infinite possible futures with every thought and act, but probabilities do exist.

Do not click the email below from a mobile app. For some reason it does not send you to the correct email account. It you are on a mobile, please either copy and paste or type the address in. Thank you.

Step 1:  Payment may be sent in advance to through PayPal.  Make sure that PayPal does not try to use a long inactive email at yahoo dot com. PayPal will accept all major credit cards. The charge will be $25 USD for one question and $20 for each additional question. 

Step 2:  Please e-mail  your questions to the same address. Your reading will come as a reply. I will reply to your e-mail to let you know that I have it and when to expect your answers.