How long does a session last?


From the beginning of the interview until you leave, it will be four to six hours. You will only be under hypnosis for about two hours. If you are receiving important information at that time, I will ask your subconscious if it will comfortable for you to continue for a little longer.

Will I be able to be hypnotized?


Yes. Everyone spends quite a bit of time every day in a state of hypnosis. It is a most natural state, and something we all do very often. Think of when you are watching TV or a movie. It is also the very same brain wave state we pass through when we are going to sleep or waking up.

Will I lose control?


Absolutely not. Stage hypnotists would have you believe that, but the truth is that hypnosis is nothing more than a heightened focus combined with deep relaxation. You will know what is happening, and you will always be in control of yourself. Think of it as playing an imagination game. I am going to help you to see things that are normally just beneath the surface in your consciousness.

Will I remember?


Yes. You will more than likely remember some or all of what happened. About three percent of subjects do not. But the memory will fade away just like the dreams that wake up remembering and forget by lunch time. That is the reason for making a recording.

Can I record the session?


Yes, of course you may. But I will provide you with a recording anyway. I will either give you a thumb drive of the session or Email the file to you. That is up to you.

Is it safe?


It is as safe as taking an afternoon nap. If you don’t normally get the chance to do that, take advantage of the opportunity. It will be the most relaxed you have ever been.

How many sessions will I need?


One. Most people never have more than that. Although, if you wish to learn more about something, or if more questions pop up, you may certainly ask for another.

Can my husband/wife/partner be present?


I’m sorry, but no. One reason is that the session is completely private. Another consideration is that we want you to be as relaxed and free to speak of anything as possible. If I don’t know of an issue, we will not be able to deal with it during your session. We have no idea what your subconscious will show you. If you wish to share the session with someone else, you will have the recording and can decide to do that afterward if you wish.

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