Help Me Make a List of Questions


There is no limit to the number of questions you may ask. There is bit of a time constraint however. We do not want to exceed two hours by very much. So here are some things you might wish to consider when writing your lists. And I say lists because I suggest you make one list of things regarding physical issues if you have any, and another list of all the other things you wish to ask about.

When you write your questions, word them in a manner that will not prompt yes or no answers. Ask the same questions in a way that will bring a longer answer. For instance, instead of saying “Should I move to _____ City?” ask “Why should I move or not move to move to _____ City and how might it impact my life?” Ask “What was the original cause for my allergy to ____. Is there something I need to learn from it? Can you heal it for me?”

Remember that you will be accessing the part of your consciousness that knows absolutely everything about you from the time you were created until today. There is nothing you can ask that it cannot find the answer to. At that level of consciousness, if you ask about something that does not lie in its awareness, it can get the answer from another source. It loves you beyond our ability to understand, so there is no reason not to ask anything.

In the event that you find yourself creating a long list (I have had people with more than 50 questions and gotten them all answered) I suggest you look at your list and try not to ask the same question in several different ways. That is common. Ask about the topic in a way that covers it all in one question. Also, prioritize the lists so that if we do run out of time the important questions will have all been answered.

If your list is short, don’t worry. That will just give your higher consciousness time to answer at length. We will discuss your list so that I am familiar enough with what you are wanting to find out that I will be able to ask other questions that might arise from the answers you get.

This is the most important part of your preparation, so take all the time you need to make thorough lists of everything you want to find out or resolve. Type or print your lists clearly. You will be under hypnosis when I need to read them, so I will not be able to ask you what a word is. Feel free to contact me for help with this if you need to.

Don’t forget to bring your lists with you to the session.

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