Scheduling Your Appointment

  • Use the form below to eMail me. In your message let me know when the best dates would be for you.
  • I will use that information to schedule your session.
  • We will agree on a date and time that is best for both of us.
  • While you are waiting for the day of the session, prepare by reading all the information about QHHT on this site. You might also want to watch some of the videos. Prepare your list of questions. There is a page to help you with this.
  • Contact me for any further help I can give you.
  • You may want to go to PayPal and send a deposit of $50 in order to secure the appointment and get a $50 reduction in the total fee. Send the deposit by sending $50 via ‘Family and Friends’ on PayPal to ‘’. PayPal will let you use any credit card.
  • Thank you, and I look forward to our session.

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