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The Council – The Box You Live In

The Council – The Box You Live In Are you aware that you live in a box? Many of you will not be surprised by this question. Many others of you will be. You are quick to point out that you are free. Well, you are free, but you have been conditioned not to act […]

the council

The Council – Freedom or Control

The Council – Freedom or Control We see that greater and greater numbers of you are awakening to the actual conditions in the societies that you live in. It is blatantly obvious to those who dare to examine their lives that a great discrepancy exists between what they have been told their condition is and […]

the council

The Council – Now You See It. Now You Don’t.

The Council – Now You See It. Now You Don’t. Not long ago we asked you to accompany us to a quantumly small place. We took you to a place where you could stand upon an electron and use your telescope to see other electrons that were astronomically distant from you. And , of course, […]

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The Council – Expansion

The Council – Expansion It is now several days since your experience of the solar event. Several millions of you were not consciously aware of the import of this that we have spoken about. A great many of you, however, were. The effect we spoke of was indeed manifested in any case. You know by […]

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The Council – Synchronicity

The Council – Synchronicity Today we are going to discuss a topic that, for many of you, will be what you call ‘old hat’. Please read it with the understanding that there are many more newly awakening ones among you than there are ‘advanced’ ones. And we ask that the word advanced be put in […]

the council

Call it your bow wave.

Call It Your Bow Wave – The Council Today we will make a detour from our normal subjects to bring your attention something you may be coping with without even being aware of it. Because once you are aware of it, you will find that you are already quite prepared to deal with it. There […]

The Council – Chaos and Peace

The Council –  Chaos and Peace As this new season begins, let us call your attention to what is and what mostly is not happening in your world. It was forecast that this time would be chaotic on your world. We told you that most, if not all, of the structures of your societies would […]

The Council – Turn Your Magnets On

The Council – Turn Your Magnets On We have a rather new message for many of you. The title of this message actually says it all, but let’s discuss it a bit. Some of you are already living within small groups of like-minded people. Some of you are even within rather large circles and can […]

Wake-up calls – The Council

Wake-up calls – The Council Your world is now going through a massive awakening. We have pointed this out to you before. And each time we have also indicated that there was a vast amount of unknown, unseen, and unwanted things that had to be faced before you would begin to see the approach of […]

The Expansion of Your Consciousness

The Council – The Expansion of Your Consciousness Today we will discuss the expansion of your consciousness. It is time to have this discussion, not because it is something that will soon happen – it is always happening – but because you have reached a point at which you may want to give some conscious […]

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What will your life become? – The Council

What will your life become? – The Council Again we return to a topic we have spoken of before. And once again, because of the raising of your consciousness and ability to follow our line of thought, we will approach it from a slightly different tangent. One of the constant themes of those who receive […]

Are You Listening? – The Council

Are You Listening? – The Council We speak today to those who wish to become more aware of us, of this council, and most importantly, of their higher selves. We say most importantly because your own higher self is your connection to everything that is not in your physical dream. Your physical dream will all […]

What Does It Mean? One Perspective – The Council

What Does It Mean? One Perspective Today we are going, once again, to reiterate a few things that have become fairly common knowledge in your world over the last fifty years or so. And then we will apply this in a way that many of you have not quite realized yet. The knowledge is there. […]

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Consciousness ~ The Council

Consciousness ~ The Council Today we will return to a topic that we have discussed before through this channel, although not in this particular forum. We will visit some of the aspects of consciousness and give you some things to think about. Some words that may be used rather too often are consciousness, awareness, subconscious, […]


Let us speak of unity. – The Council

The Council In the wake of recent events on your world, let us discuss something that we have not addressed directly here before. Let us speak of unity. It is spoken of as brotherhood, sisterhood if you like. But it goes far deeper than either of those labels would imply. We would have you begin […]

You are what you are, and that is perfect for the moment. – The Council

The Council We will address at this time the more widespread experiencing of what you would term ascension symptoms. Now, it appears to some as if any ache or pain that you have, if you call yourself a lightworker, can be called an ascension symptom. That is almost true, but true in the sense that […]

You are learning to catch up with the changes you now embody. – The Council

The Council We return this day to speak with you regarding the shift that you now recognize as an ongoing part of your beings. You have, for some time, been aware that changes are now a part of your inner life. Everything, actually, is changing for you, just as you have expressed the desire for. […]

Your… steps will be determined by the being you construct from what you learn and become. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael and the Council of Higher Selves Today, as we have just discussed with this channel, we will begin an entirely new type of communication.   It is our intent, with his agreement, to begin an ongoing conversation concerning whatever topics are of the utmost concern to those of you who follow our message.  It […]