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The Council – Create a world of peace

The Council – Create a world of peace You are painfully aware, in some locations, that there is quite a bit of almost chaotic activity around you. There are also surprising occurrences in many of your personal lives. Some of what is happening to and around you is very welcome. Some of it is not. […]

Time for some straight talk – The Council

Time for some straight talk – The Council As always, we are aware that much of what we speak about will not be new to many of you. However, it may be for others, and we ask that you allow us to point out a few things. We wish to discuss the violent acts that […]

When are you going to forgive? – The Council

When are you going to forgive? – The Council When you look at those around you, what do you see? Do you see cheaters, liars, sinners, even terrorists? Or do you see creations of the Divine that are perfect in their true selves? Do you confuse acts, thoughts, and words with the beings themselves? Do […]

john smallman

Forgiveness is release!

Forgiveness is release! by John Smallman The world, the illusory world in which humanity is dreaming a story that no longer appeals to it, appears to be descending into chaos.  What is happening is that you are becoming aware of the insanity of your so-called civilized lives as you burn through the planets non-renewable energy […]

Predictions – The Council

The Council We will speak today of predictions. We know they are a favorite of all of you. We also know that they are being used to raise the hopes of all of humanity at his time. We know that into this category also fall ‘dire warnings’. And these are being used for quite the […]

It is you and the time is now.- The Council

The Council We seem to have struck a chord! We see that the quote from our former message which is titled ‘Your Divine Nature’ has resonated well with many readers. We have decided, therefore, to expand a little upon that subject. It is time to do this now, as many more of you are becoming […]

Everything else leads to this ~ The Council

The Council There is one overriding thing which must be addressed by each and all of you. It is a problem which none of you are exempt from unless and until you have completed the path which you currently term ascension. It would be the grand finale of our messages, but instead of a grand […]

No one less would be where you are at this time. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael and the Councils of Higher Selves Having just spoken of self-love, let us move to the topic of worthiness, of self-forgiveness, of knowing oneself to be deserving of all that one can imagine.  And we say all that one can imagine because by and large you do not imagine very big.  You have, most […]

Nothing is really separate from anything else. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael with the Councils of Higher Selves We said at the end of our last message that we would continue speaking of the source of your personal power.  We shall do that.  This is a topic which could be discussed at great length, so do not be surprised if we do not finish it today.  […]

My dear friends, tomorrow is here. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael   You have reached the end of a short period of rest, which we gather from our channel, you really were not all that comfortable with.   It is time now for you to assess the tools available to you and to determine what your contributions will be.  Are you truly ready to begin?  […]

Ask your hearts what is true for you, and live by that. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

Spanish        Portuguese Today you continue on in the rising frequencies of which we have been speaking, with the addition of having just moved into those of the new moon.  We know that you are able to recognize these sensations now and that you are becoming able to connect with them at will.  It is not […]

We are no farther away now than your thought. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

      Spanish      Portuguese   We would like to begin today by pointing out the intense energies you are experiencing.  The upgrades of your energy bodies and DNA are being sped up as we speak.  We would like to caution you to be more careful than usual during the next few days.  You will need some […]

One heart, one mind, and with one intent. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

    Press here for   Spanish   or   Portuguese As we move closer to the opening of the powerful gateways of this new month, we wish to urge everyone to begin to focus on their intentions for this opportunity.  Begin now to get a clear idea of what you wish to focus upon if you are planning […]