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The Council – Who Is Looking Out Through Your Eyes?

The Council – Who Is Looking Out Through Your Eyes? You are a very complex being. You are, in fact, multidimensional. That is something that you will, or perhaps will not, experience soon. But, in the meantime, perhaps we may show you a little something. Our question for you today is, who is looking out […]

The Council – Shaken, Stuck, Adrift

The Council – Shaken, Stuck, Adrift There are a great many of those who have been following these messages who could pick one of the words in this title to describe the way they are feeling now. We will address each of these in turn in order to bring you an understanding and move you […]

You are not separate from each other. This you will come to know intimately -The Council

You are not separate from each other. This you will come to know intimately -The Council At this time, in this season, we see that those who have come to this earth as workers for the light may easily see before their eyes all of the conditions that have been spoken of for so long. […]

Giving Thanks – The Council

Giving Thanks – The Council Tomorrow, in the country in which this channel resides, a holiday called Thanksgiving will be observed. On this day each year, it is customary for you to gather for a feast, share with family and friends, and even perhaps spend a few moments pondering your blessings and giving thanks for […]

Wake-up calls – The Council

Wake-up calls – The Council Your world is now going through a massive awakening. We have pointed this out to you before. And each time we have also indicated that there was a vast amount of unknown, unseen, and unwanted things that had to be faced before you would begin to see the approach of […]

A Meditation – The Council

A Meditation – The Council We have, at times in the past, offered you suggested meditations. We have continued to refine the meditations practiced by our channel, and would like to offer you another at this time. Please use what resonates with you with our blessings and deepest love. We will not use this space […]

The Expansion of Your Consciousness

The Council – The Expansion of Your Consciousness Today we will discuss the expansion of your consciousness. It is time to have this discussion, not because it is something that will soon happen – it is always happening – but because you have reached a point at which you may want to give some conscious […]

the council

Everyone’s Question – The Council

Everyone’s Question – The Council Everyone’s question, the question we are always asked, is “Am I on my path?” Now this is asked in many ways. “What is my purpose?” is a favorite. At this time, the beginning of your year, let us take a good look at this and set aside misunderstandings. This would […]


Thanksgiving – The Council

The Council This is the week of Thanksgiving in your country. It is appropriate to be thankful at any time of course. But let us look again at this topic today. Naturally, when you gather to celebrate, most of you will make at least a perfunctory effort to be a little thankful for what you […]

Expectations – The Council

The Council We wish to discuss today the expectations of, and the reality of, this expected ‘portal’ of ascension that many of you are placing your hopes upon. We think it is a topic that should be understood now so that you do not continue to set yourselves up for such disappointments as you seem […]

Doors Are Opening – The Council

The Council This is the time of the avalanche, the waterfall, the immensely heightened frequency that we have spoken of so often before. It will continue to increase, but you already are into rates of change that you are struggling to deal with. This is as it was forecast, and it is necessary. You will […]

Freedom – The Council

The Council Today we would like to discuss the subject of your freedom. There is much available on this topic now and most of it is a conversation you are having among yourselves that involves political and societal issues. This is not what we wish to explore with you. The freedom we wish to talk […]

You are what you are, and that is perfect for the moment. – The Council

The Council We will address at this time the more widespread experiencing of what you would term ascension symptoms. Now, it appears to some as if any ache or pain that you have, if you call yourself a lightworker, can be called an ascension symptom. That is almost true, but true in the sense that […]

Thanksgiving and Gratitude – The Council

The Council Today is the day that the country of our channel has labeled Thanksgiving. We know that giving thanks is the daily, even constant, practice of many of those who read and listen to our messages. And we further know that those of you who do this need no reminder of the immense power […]

What you are feeling is waves of change. – The Council

The Council We are now moving into a very interesting time for those who have claimed as their identity that of light worker. Now we say in some humor that interesting times have been viewed as both a blessing and as a curse. Go ahead and chuckle. We intend a bit of lightheartedness. But, even […]

The voice that speaks to you, and the you that hears the voice, are not separate. ~ The Council

The Council We have said that as the position of your planet, relative to your star, approaches what will produce for you the phenomenon you call equinox, we will address the rising frequencies and intensity of energy that you are experiencing. And we will do so, although this is a topic that is frequently spoken […]

…allow the full potential of what is yours to be accepted. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael and the Councils We have communicated with you now, through this channel, for over two years.  You have been an audience that has both grown and remained loyal as the clarity and purpose of these messages have grown.  Some have expressed dismay that the messages have become fewer even though lengthier.

…know that you have left nothing undone. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael and the Councils   We have spoken in our last message of ways, methods, to increase your frequencies. We will bring some of them forward today. Let us state beforehand that we are not going to give you anything that is new. After all, you have been on this path for thousands of years […]

Giving thanks for what one has is always a sure way to raise one’s energy. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael For those of you who are celebrating the holiday known to you as Thanksgiving, we wish you a joyous day of holding gratitude for the abundance in your lives.  For most of those in other countries, this is, of course, not a holiday.  We offer that perhaps a thought or two along these lines […]

Everything gives you the opportunity to choose between fear and love. What if you choose love this time?

Michael and Company We begin today by once again offering our congratulations on your continuing progress.  You perhaps see nothing, although you are beginning to feel much, but we see amazing changes in the field of energy surrounding you.  A great deal of beneficial change has been initiated and is having lasting effects which are, […]

Do not underestimate the power of your love, of your compassion. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael We are here today to speak with you of the marvelous portal into which you are passing at this time.  We would pass on to you some reminders of how to best utilize this wondrous opportunity, as there are still many of you who have not yet activated or remembered the wisdom which has […]

You will amaze yourselves when this is all over. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael Are there others with you, Michael? Yes, Yeshua, Mary, all the Archangels, all of your guides… we are all involved in all of these messages.  We always have been and we will continue to be.  We have used my name because more people respond to the messages when they can identify a source that […]