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The Council – Ascension and the New World

The Council – Ascension and the New World As you approach closer and closer to the frequencies that will allow the beginning of your rise into ‘the new world’ that you have been told to anticipate, and as your feelings of impending change increase, the worries of those who think almost entirely in terms of […]

A Mass Lighting of the Planet ~ A Recent Chat with a High Self By Suzanne Spooner

A Mass Lighting of the Planet ~ A Recent Chat with a High Self By Suzanne Spooner   (Suzanne) Why has she come to her current life experience on Earth? (High Self) She has come to be a part of the mass lighting (of the planet).  What do you see from your perspective about the ‘mass lighting’?  […]

Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward – March 6, 2017

Matthew Ward – March 6, 2017 With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Everything in your world is heralding the changing of the guard, so to say. Overtly and covertly, action on many fronts is moving apace to free Earth from the elements that have kept her civilization in bondage […]

You are not separate from each other. This you will come to know intimately -The Council

You are not separate from each other. This you will come to know intimately -The Council At this time, in this season, we see that those who have come to this earth as workers for the light may easily see before their eyes all of the conditions that have been spoken of for so long. […]

Tipping Point – The Council

Tipping Point – The Council We know that most of you feel somewhat lost, at sea, and bewildered by what you see going on around you right now. The process of dismantling all that needs to be replaced has indeed begun. The thought that this is what is happening does cross your minds from time […]

Bloom – The Council

Bloom – The Council For years now you have been told over and over about the light, the ever increasing and intensifying light, that had been surrounding and affecting you. Today we would like to look at this in another way. Let us to immerse ourselves in a few age-old metaphors that may allow you […]

A Meditation – The Council

A Meditation – The Council We have, at times in the past, offered you suggested meditations. We have continued to refine the meditations practiced by our channel, and would like to offer you another at this time. Please use what resonates with you with our blessings and deepest love. We will not use this space […]

Everything That You Want Is Available To You – The Council

Everything That You Want Is Available To You – The Council Many of you spend great amounts of your time each day searching for, yearning for, asking for things that you are sure will make you lives better. Many of you are asking for things that you understand as being able to make yourselves more […]


Evolutionary Ascension Symptoms

Evolutionary Ascension Symptoms Information for People New to this Process | TRANSITIONS I see daily search terms on my WordPress Stats page that people use to find information that leads them to sites like mine. I’ve written about the Ascension Process—which is natural, highly compressed evolution—at TRANSITIONS since 2007. I realize however that if someone is […]

The Council

Reality and Illusion – The Council

Reality and Illusion – The Council Today we will discuss reality and illusion. These are concepts that have actually seemed to take on reversed rolls. But they are concepts and as such are just as real as anything else. And so we will use them as tools to make a point or two, if we […]

Lessons from the A-Team…

Lessons from the A-Team… In a world plagued with fear and negativity, we find ourselves looking for answers in the most unlikely places.  Many of us travel the World in the hopes of finding refuge and of perhaps changing our thought patterns , which, of course is very helpful in the short run, however, to […]


Let us speak of unity. – The Council

The Council In the wake of recent events on your world, let us discuss something that we have not addressed directly here before. Let us speak of unity. It is spoken of as brotherhood, sisterhood if you like. But it goes far deeper than either of those labels would imply. We would have you begin […]

Be the truth of yourselves. – Channeled by Ron Head

Michael with and for the councils: We would speak with you today about a topic which we have not addressed in this space previously.  We are very hopeful that many of you will be helped by what we share with you   We know that there are still quite a large number of those who […]

push off into mid-stream and allow the current to carry you. channeled by Ron Head

Michael and The Councils We have told you before, more than once, that you were in the thick of the changes, the awakening, the increasing light and energy. Still many continued to say that nothing was happening. Many will still say that as their focus is not on their internal life, but on the external. […]

…know that you have left nothing undone. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael and the Councils   We have spoken in our last message of ways, methods, to increase your frequencies. We will bring some of them forward today. Let us state beforehand that we are not going to give you anything that is new. After all, you have been on this path for thousands of years […]

Why not become the highest and purest and brightest light you can imagine? – Channeled by Ron Head

Michael and the Councils of Higher Selves Let us now return to the subject of your use of the power that you have, the energy which you control.  There are many ways that you can do this.  There are many ways that you do this already.  Some of what you do is intentional, and some […]

That is where your personal power comes from. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael for the councils of your Higher Selves We continue today by speaking further on what, from your point of view is incoming light. Let us approach the subject from an entirely new perspective this time.  We will speak in the language of linear time in order not to introduce additional confusion into the process. […]

Now will be the time for you to use the deep understanding and love that you have learned to hold. – channeled by Ron Head

The Councils of higher Selves Today our conversation will continue with a discussion of what your February is bringing. There is a great deal of talk and speculation about this topic now.  That is true because a great many people are able to feel the energy of great impending change.  Even those without access to […]

Your… steps will be determined by the being you construct from what you learn and become. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael and the Council of Higher Selves Today, as we have just discussed with this channel, we will begin an entirely new type of communication.   It is our intent, with his agreement, to begin an ongoing conversation concerning whatever topics are of the utmost concern to those of you who follow our message.  It […]

The path will begin to level out now. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael   We return now to discuss what is happening for many of you at this time.   Your purposes, your abilities, and your perceptions of opportunity are coalescing into something which seems more possible to you than before.  What was once not even thought of is coming into focus for you.

Please do not disrespect yourselves nor sell yourselves short any more. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael At the risk of being seen to repeat myself endlessly, let me begin by pointing out that once again you are being flooded with vastly more amounts and higher vibrations of light than ever before.  You will notice, however, that even though that is so, you are more able to adapt to it than […]

This is a journey of consciousness, dear hearts. – Channeled by Ron Head

Michael   We will speak now of some of the things you may expect in your continued process of ascension.  The question has been posed to our channel, and thereby to us, “What of those who are mentally incapacitated, those in institutions, those who are elderly and refuse to listen?”  And further, we have heard […]

Allow the understanding of All, of One, to enter your hearts. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael We will speak today of the continuing success of the lightworkers in opening the understanding and consciousness in your world.  We marvel at the ability of so many to avoid seeing what to us is so obvious.  Each day now it becomes more difficult to interpret events, and reports of events, in other than […]

Transmuting Collective Human Consciousness By Channeling Light Every thought and emotion sends out vibrations. Whether these are constructive or destructive depends on the inherent positive or negative nature of the vibrations. Strong vibrations accumulate into the collective global human consciousness and invisibly influence human behavior. Each one of us lives within the energy field of the collective human consciousness.