the council

The Council – Create a world of peace

The Council – Create a world of peace You are painfully aware, in some locations, that there is quite a bit of almost chaotic activity around you. There are also surprising occurrences in many of your personal lives. Some of what is happening to and around you is very welcome. Some of it is not. […]

The Council – Chaos and Peace

The Council –  Chaos and Peace As this new season begins, let us call your attention to what is and what mostly is not happening in your world. It was forecast that this time would be chaotic on your world. We told you that most, if not all, of the structures of your societies would […]

Bloom – The Council

Bloom – The Council For years now you have been told over and over about the light, the ever increasing and intensifying light, that had been surrounding and affecting you. Today we would like to look at this in another way. Let us to immerse ourselves in a few age-old metaphors that may allow you […]

A Meditation – The Council

A Meditation – The Council We have, at times in the past, offered you suggested meditations. We have continued to refine the meditations practiced by our channel, and would like to offer you another at this time. Please use what resonates with you with our blessings and deepest love. We will not use this space […]

SaLuSa – October 3, 2014

Never underestimate the powers and technologies that we have to transform your Earth in a very short period, to one more fitting to you future expectations. For example, you are almost conditioned to expect some part of Earth to be involved in wars. Around you is evidence of them that have ravaged your planet for […]

There is much yet to come, but your progress is remarkable. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael You sit today completely immersed in an energy that, although it is not completely new to you, has become so intense that you feel it continually and not only when you are meditating or sitting quietly.

You are immersed in a field of energy that you have never experienced before. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael Let us speak today of your approaching solstice.  We would wish for as many of you as possible to prepare yourselves for that event. It is true that you have a solstice twice a year, every year.  And it is true that for many, if not most, this will seem no different than it […]

You asked for a new world. Why would you expect it to include your old lives? – channeled by Ron Head

  Michael We speak today of the seeming lull which so many feel yourselves experiencing at this time.  Many of you feel detached, feel as if you have lost your way, feel as if suddenly the goal is shifting and you cannot perceive it.

We continue to be but a breath away, a thought away, a prayer away. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael At this wonderful time on your earth, just before your full moon and also before your equinox, we come to speak with you.  In your northern lands, it is your time of harvest.  And it is indeed that for all of you now.  It is time for you to begin reaping the benefit of […]

Get outrageous with it! – channeled by Ron Head

Michael   This Lion’s Gate portal is now open to its greatest extent, and the energies pouring into your world, and therefore into your bodies, physical, emotional mental and spiritual, are greater than any you have experienced so far.  The resulting changes to yourselves, and therefore your societies and your planet will become more evident […]

Breathe light in. Breathe love and gratitude out. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael   Your ability to discern truth is once again being awakened within you.  This is not a new thing, but something which has been intentionally kept muted and unused.  Even when it began to return you were distracted at every turn.

You are more connected than you yet understand. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael  Today we bring you a message of hope and encouragement.  The changes you are waiting for are emerging on all fronts.  However, we hasten to point out, as we always do, that this is, merely the natural outcome of what is happening within yourselves.

The question is, why do you not see the changes you desire. Is that not so? – channeled by Ron Head

Michael   Out topic for today is, once again, the accelerating change and your ability to perceive it.  The change we are referring to is total.  It is changing you internally, and this change is resulting in changes external to you, at least in your perception of internal and external, which is flawed to say […]

Let peace be the intent and love be the way, and all will be well. – channeled by Ron Head

I ask for today’s message.  Please begin by telling me with whom I am speaking. Michael and Gabriel, bringing you a message for which you have long awaited. We wish you to know that that which you have worked for so long, and with such dedication, has now commenced.  You have been informed of this […]

Allow the understanding of All, of One, to enter your hearts. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael We will speak today of the continuing success of the lightworkers in opening the understanding and consciousness in your world.  We marvel at the ability of so many to avoid seeing what to us is so obvious.  Each day now it becomes more difficult to interpret events, and reports of events, in other than […]

You are an amazing sight to behold. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael We have noticed, and would speak for a moment about, a very gratifying development.  More and more in these recent days, ideas which were introduced by this channel and others are being accepted and spoken of by others.  This, of course, is the whole purpose of our communications, and it both makes those of […]

Learn to enjoy every hint of your growth as it happens. – channeled by Ron Head

Michael   Now you have reached the time of the equinox.  As you have seen on previous occasions, the energy of this time is beginning to be felt now, will reach its peak on the day of equinox, and continue to be felt for the three days following.  You are immersed in such strong fields […]

Feel our deep and abiding love for you. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

Spanish        Portuguese   You are moving through very heightened energy right now, and we are amazed and gratified that you are processing it with such ease.  As usual, you continue to perform far better than expected.  This period will prove to have been very significant in your evolution into the new human that you are […]

As always, be guided by your hearts. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

Spanish      Portuguese Today please allow us to address some issues that may be causing confusion or concern for some.  Within the last few days you may have seen our name attached to some very differing messages.  You will please note that, and we do acknowledge these, you will not see any conflict between these sources.  […]